• With the push of a button, Hercules:

    • Improves Caregiver Safety

      • Patients weighing up to 500 lbs can be repositioned with the simple push of a button
      • Eliminates the lifting and pulling that can cause back, neck, and shoulder injuries
    • Increases Caregiver Efficiency

      • One Caregiver – One ButtonTM
      • Patient repositioning in 10 seconds
      • Allows approximately 10 repositionings per sheet
    • Supports Clinical Outcomes

      • The patient moves with the sheet, reducing the friction that can cause skin shear and tears
      • Relieves peak interface pressures in 10 seconds
      • The ease of use promotes more frequent and timely repositionings
    • Enhances Patient Experience

      • Protects the patient’s dignity by reducing the embarrassment associated with traditional repositioning
      • Provides a smooth and comfortable repositioning
      • Allows repositioning with the head of bed elevated up to 30 degrees
    • Shows Administrative Leadership

      • Demonstrates a commitment to safety
      • Enhances caregiver recruiting and retention
      • Can reduce workers’ compensation costs
      • Helps attain accreditations like Magnet status

          1EO Hercules drives inter-professional decision-making regarding equipment to drive efficiencies (1 nurse repositioning in seconds vs. several nurses & multiple minutes)


          9EO Hercules demonstrates CNO advocacy for nursing workforce safety


          5EO Nurse implementation of Hercules innovative technology demonstrates the use of technology to enhance the patient experience (less pain and greater responsiveness with repositioning) and improve your nursing practice (timely repositioning)


          3EO Nursing satisfaction (adequacy of resources and staffing) increases when workforce injuries decrease

          18EO Hercules directly addresses and improves the #1 workplace safety issue for nurses – repositioning

          22EO HAPU risk decreases because caregivers reposition more frequently with Hercules

          23EO Patient experience improves because Hercules eliminates the pain and discomfort of traditional repositioning and because caregiver response time for repositioning improves

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