The Hercules Difference

The Hercules Patient Repositioning SystemTM provides significant benefits that will enhance the patient’s experience, the caregiver’s work environment, and the hospital’s commitment to excellence.

  • For Caregivers

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    • Requires only one caregiver to reposition a patient
    • Patient repositioning in 10 seconds, with just the push of a button
    • Helps eliminate injuries associated with traditional methods of pulling patients up in bed
    • Eliminates caregiver distractions that can lead to errors



  • For Patients

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    • Reduces the friction that can cause skin shear and tears since the patient moves with the sheet
    • Provides smooth and comfortable repositionings
    • Protects the patient’s dignity by reducing the feelings of helplessness and embarrassment
    • Improves the overall patient experience
  • For Administration

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    • Demonstrates a high commitment to safety in the workplace
    • Helps attain accreditations like Magnet status
      • 1EO – Hercules drives inter-professional decision-making regarding equipment to drive efficiencies (1 nurse repositioning in seconds vs. several nurses & multiple minutes)
      • 9EO – Hercules demonstrates CNO advocacy for nursing workforce safety
      • 5EO – Nurse implementation of Hercules innovative technology demonstrates the use of technology to enhance the patient experience (less pain and greater responsiveness with repositioning) and improve your nursing practice (timely repositioning)
      • 3EO – Nursing satisfaction (adequacy of resources and staffing) increases when workforce injuries decrease
      • 18EO – Hercules directly addresses and improves the #1 workplace safety issue for nurses – repositioning
      • 22EO – HAPU risk decreases because caregivers reposition more frequently with Hercules
      • 23EO – Patient experience improves because Hercules eliminates the pain and discomfort of traditional repositioning and because caregiver response time for repositioning improves
    • Helps enhance caregiver recruitment and retention
    • Improves patient handling compliance because Hercules is there when you need it