• Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are commonly asked questions regarding The Hercules Patient Repositioning System™. If you do not find your answer here, please contact us at customersupport@morelcompany.com.

    • How does Hercules help support clinical outcomes?

      Hercules helps reduce and relieve interface pressures in 10 seconds, which has been shown to help in the prevention of HAPIs (Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries).

    • Does the movement of the Hercules Dream SheetTM cause shear for the patient?

      Since the patient moves with the sheet, friction that causes shear and tears is almost non-existent, especially in vulnerable areas such as the sacrum, coccyx, ischial tuberosities & heels.

    • Will The Hercules Patient Repositioning System fit the beds in my hospital?

      The Hercules Patient Repositioning System is designed to fit on the majority of healthcare beds and select mattresses. For a list of beds and mattresses that Hercules has been designed to work with, please see Hercules/Frame & Mattress Combinations.

    • How much patient weight can Hercules reposition?

      The Hercules Patient Repositioner can reposition patients weighing up to 500 lbs.

      The Bariatric Hercules Patient Repositioner, available from Sizewise Rentals, will reposition patients weighing up to 750 lbs.

    • Can I reposition a patient with the head of the bed elevated?

      The Hercules Patient Repositioner can reposition patients with the head of the bed elevated up to 30 degrees, which is beneficial for tube fed, COPD and ventilator patients.

    • What are my surface options?

      The Hercules Dream Gel™ Mattress and Hercules Dream AIR™ Microclimate Mattress both incorporate advanced pressure redistribution technology for patient comfort and care.

      The Dream Gel™ Mattress uses innovative open cell technology to maximize patient envelopment while reducing the pressure on individual anatomical areas of the body. This open cell technology also improves air circulation providing a cooler and drier environment for your patient. The unique gel top surface helps dissipate heat buildup providing an increased level of temperature and moisture control to keep the patient protected and comfortable. Learn more about the Dream Gel™ Mattress.

      The Dream AIR™ Microclimate Mattress is an advanced pressure redistribution support surface that provides flexible therapy to help you meet the wound care needs of your patient. Used without a control unit, Dream AIR™ provides pressure redistribution through an open, self-adjusting air cell system. Easily convert the surface with an optional control unit to provide microclimate management and alternating pressure. Learn more about the Dream AIR™ Mattress.

      Both The Hercules Dream Gel™ Mattress and Hercules Dream AIR™ Microclimate Mattress can be cleaned with standard hospital cleaning agents and are designed to fit on most healthcare beds.

    • Do I have to use special sheets with the Hercules system?

      Yes, The Hercules Patient Repositioner uses the Hercules Dream SheetTM, which allows approximately 10 repositionings per sheet.

    • How many times can I pull a patient up in bed before the sheet needs to be changed?

      The Hercules Dream SheetTM allows approximately 10 repositionings per sheet.

    • Can I change the sheet while the patient is in bed?

      Yes, changing the sheet with the patient in bed is similar to the process you use today.  Please check the Hercules Inservice Video for more details.

    • How do I clean the Hercules system?

      Cleaning the Drive

      • Follow the same cleaning / disinfecting process that is used to disinfect your healthcare beds. Wipe down all exposed surfaces of the drive, including inside the sheet compartment.

      Cleaning the Mattress Cover

      • Follow the same cleaning / disinfecting process that is used to disinfect your existing healthcare mattresses.
      • After cleaning and disinfecting, rinse the cover with lukewarm water to remove any disinfecting agent residue.
      • If necessary, the mattress cover can be commercially laundered.