• Hercules Components


    • Hercules Drive

      The Hercules Drive is the power behind The Hercules Patient Repositioning SystemTM. Conveniently located below the head section of the sleep surface, the Hercules Drive is easily operated by the caregiver at the bedside point-of-care. Simple to use and clean, Hercules has been designed to work with many existing bed frames. Current and future beds The Hercules Patient Repositioning System will work with are – view Hercules/Frame Combinations.

    • Hercules DreamTM Sleep Surfaces

      The Hercules Dream Gel™ Mattress and Hercules Dream AIR™ Microclimate Mattress both incorporate advanced pressure redistribution technology for patient comfort and care.

      The Dream Gel™ Mattress uses innovative open cell technology to maximize patient envelopment while reducing the pressure on individual anatomical areas of the body. This open cell technology also improves air circulation providing a cooler and drier environment for your patient. The unique gel top surface helps dissipate heat buildup providing an increased level of temperature and moisture control to keep the patient protected and comfortable. Learn more about the Dream Gel™ Mattress.

      The Dream AIR™ Microclimate Mattress is an advanced pressure redistribution support surface that provides flexible therapy to help you meet the wound care needs of your patient. Used without a control unit, Dream AIR™ provides pressure redistribution through an open, self-adjusting air cell system. Easily convert the surface with an optional control unit to provide microclimate management and alternating pressure. Learn more about the Dream AIR™ Mattress.

      Both The Hercules Dream Gel™ Mattress and Hercules Dream AIR™ Microclimate Mattress can be cleaned with standard hospital cleaning agents and are designed to fit on most healthcare beds.

    • Hercules Dream SheetTM

      The Hercules Dream Sheet is designed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare patient.  The Dream sheet, comprised of 100% synthetic lint-free fibers, creates a soft and comfortable environment for the patient. The Dream Sheet is a low abrasion surface that helps minimize skin irritation. The breathability of the Dream Sheet reduces the risk of heat and moisture buildup under the patient providing a drier alternative to traditional cotton blend sheets.

      The Hercules Dream Sheet is twice the length of a standard flat sheet allowing 8 to 10 patient repositionings per use. The sheet fastens into clips along the length of the sleep surface to help keep the sheet aligned during repositioning and to help prevent excess wrinkling underneath the patient.


      • Soft fabric provides a comfortable environment for the patient
      • Lint-free fabric helps prevent transfer of fibers to open wounds
      • Synthetic fibers naturally resist bacteria growth
      • Breathable fabric reduces the risk of heat and moisture buildup


      • Fast drying material can make laundering more efficient
      • Synthetic fibers naturally resist staining helping extend the life of the sheet