About Morel

The Morel CompanyTM was founded in 2011 to help solve the longstanding and difficult challenges relating to patient repositioning.

Every day, caregivers struggle to pull patients up in bed, while putting their bodies at risk for injury.  This wasteful and unnecessary care activity causes an uncomfortable, unsafe, and often embarrassing experience for the patient.  For hospital administration, traditional repositioning causes lost work days, caregiver inefficiencies, and potentially negative patient experiences. To address these issues, The Morel Company developed The Hercules Patient Repositioning SystemTM, an innovative product that allows a single caregiver to pull a patient up in bed with the simple push of a button.

The benefits of The Hercules Patient Repositioning System are far reaching.  For the caregiver, it helps improve their safety and efficiency while reducing unnecessary distractions.  For the patient, Hercules improves comfort, reduces friction that can cause shear and skin tears and more importantly helps protect their dignity.

In the future, Morel will continue its principles of innovation and commitment to the customer by adapting The Hercules Patient Repositioning System platform to help caregivers and patients in new areas like Home Care and International.