Our Story – A Word from the CEO

Bill_WebPic_UpdatedInnovation has been a hallmark of successful healthcare companies and has been a passion of my family for nearly a century.  It started with my grandfather, William A. Hillenbrand, who was a visionary in the healthcare industry.  His inspirations around making patients more comfortable, safer and reducing the burden on the nurse led to the development of many innovative products that fulfilled his dreams and vision.

This healthcare innovation continued in my family with W August ‘Gus’ Hillenbrand, my father.  Like his father, he truly believed and always focused on the development of groundbreaking products that would ease the workload for caregivers and improve outcomes for patients.  He also had a passion for continuous improvement, realizing there was always a better, more simple and effective way.  This included a particular focus on patients and caregivers in all healthcare settings.  His drive for innovation and continuous improvement left an indelible mark still visible in the market today.

The culture we’ve established and the passion of everyone here at The Morel CompanyTM, will continue these principles of innovation and commitment to the customer.  Our focus, as you can see from our product, The Hercules Patient Repositioning SystemTM, is about enhancing the patient experience, improving caregiver safety and efficiency, and improving the bottom-line for the healthcare facility.  Innovation and continuous improvement will continue to propel us into new areas, but always with a focus on patients and caregivers.

On a more personal note, The Morel Company’s name is a tribute to my grandfather.  He had many passions, one of which was spending time outdoors.  Whatever the season, he was always with family and friends, picking blackberries, gathering walnuts or hunting his favorite treasure, the Morel mushroom.


Bill Hillenbrand II
President & CEO