How Hercules Works

Hercules Drive Unit

Automated Boosting

  • With the push of a button
  • Up to 750 lbs.

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Hercules Sheet Clips

Sheet Management

  • Ensures sheet alignment
  • Reduces wrinkles

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Hercules Dream Sheet

  • Provides a comfortable environment for today’s healthcare patient
  • 16’ length allows for 10-12 repositionings


  • 100% synthetic highly breathable fabric

Single-Patient-Use Disposable

  • 100% recyclable non-woven fabric
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Dream Air


Advanced Pressure Redistribution

Control Unit provides:

  • Low-air-loss technology
  • Microclimate management
  • Alternating pressure therapy
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Dream Gel


Designed for Comfort and Prevention

  • Gel infused visco-elastic surface
  • Multi-layer design
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Upgrade Customer Owned Mattress

Hercules can be integrated with virtually any existing mattress or therapy surface.

Contact us to discuss your specific mattress application.

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Hercules Components

Drive Unit

Boosts patients up to 750 pounds.


Your Existing Mattress

SHEET Options

Downloads & Links

Case Studies



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