Nurses Love Hercules as Much as Patients

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Hercules Helps Reduce Nursing Fatigue and Burnout

Improves Nursing Retention

Improves Clinical Outcomes

Improves Caregiver Safety

Reduces Infection Exposure

Saves Valuable Nursing Time

Improves Patient Experience

Frontline Caregivers are the Heart of Every Hospital

Helping provide them a safe and efficient workplace is our mission.


Nurses feel overworked and underappreciated, no time for breaks, frustration on inability to get tasks completed.


Patients are uncomfortable and embarrassed, often waiting 5-10 minutes to be boosted, impacting their dignity.


Administration feels frustration and concern dealing with nursing shortages and financial concerns with replacing them.

Watch How Hercules Revolutionizes Healthcare

Nurse Reactions to Hercules

More Than 4,400 Hercules Customers Surveyed:


of nurses say Hercules would extend their career


of nurses are satisfied or
very satisfied with Hercules


of nurses recommend purchasing Hercules

Hercules Impact to Date


Nursing Boosting
Hours Saved


Improved Patient
Boosting Experiences


Nursing Boosting
Injury Risks Eliminated

The Hercules Patient Repositioner Components


Drive Unit

  • Boost with a push of a button
  • Fits on your existing beds
  • Boost patients up to 750 lbs.


  • Dream Gel™
  • Dream AIR™
  • Upgrade your existing mattresses
Hercules Sheet

SHEET Options

  • Launderable Dream Sheet
  • Disposable Dream Sheet

Happy Nurses and Comfortable Patients are just a few steps away

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Your Hercules Investment Pays for Itself in Less than 1 Year

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Savings based on national averages.

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